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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look through this section if you have a question about the database, someone may have asked it previously. This section will continue to grow so if there isn't any information that covers your question let us know and we can add it.

At the moment, the Club sends a TM file to the recorder to upload into the MM file? If the swimmers enter online, how does the Club update their TM file.  Do they still have to set up the meet in TM?

At the moment, at the end of the meet a results file is created in Meet Manager and imported to Team Manager so that the clubs have an up to date list of times for their swimmers. This will be exactly the same. When the meet finishes a results file is created and can be loaded into the clubs TM database. There is no need to create the meet in their database prior to importing the results.

If you’ve met one qualifying time, can you enter a meet online and then enter another event in three week’s time if you qualify for another event?

Yes you can. The individual can login again and add swims and pay the difference owing.

How are reimbursements of scratchings kept track of if you enter online?

An individual cannot go online and withdraw themselves from events. This must be done by an administrator of the meet. This way it is easy for the owners of the meet to be able to organise any refunds due from withdrawals/scratching’s.

Ok so each individual swimmer does their own entries. I have a couple of families who don't have computers. What do they do?

Club administrators can do entries for their swimmers just as was the case with the National Championships events that we have had this year. Either option will always be available.