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Open Water

When 1500m in the pool is not quite far enough and you are looking for a new challenge, then the 10km Open Water swimming race will provide you with a new and exciting opportunity.

Open Water swimming is one of the newest Olympic swimming events, which is growing in size since it debuted in Beijing. The top open water swimmer needs to train longer and faster as they will be racing for up to 2 hours in venues such as rowing basins, lakes and the sea.

The race strategies and tactics makes open water events very exciting, not only to watch but also to be a part of. If you are mentally tough, physically strong and prepared to swim in extreme conditions, then open water swimming is for you.

Events to Enter

Epic Swim & NZ Open Water Championships

NZ Ocean Swim Series

Suggestions for Swimmers

It is essential that swimmers prepare and train well in advance for any open water swimming event they choose to enter.

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Open Water Swimming Tips

The best tip for handling open water conditions is experience. The more that you have been exposed to various conditions in open water the more comfortable you will feel on competition day. So with that being said here are a few tips to consider...

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