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Covid-19 and Health & Safety

Covid-19 Restrictions


Covid-19 Protection Framework (aka Traffic Light System)

On Wednesday 23 March 2022, the government announced updates to the Covid-19 Protection Framework. Swimming NZ has updated our guidelines for swimming events, Learn to Swim and aquatic facilities under the updated framework - please see the link below. These guidelines have been developed to assist you in identifying how to operate under the new framework.


Updates to these guidelines have been made on 25 March 2022, which includes updates to mask requirements, updates to eligibility to obtain My Vaccine Pass, that groups of 200 people within an indoor event cannot inter-mingle for the duration of an event and no capacity restrictions for outdoor events.


Click here to view the Swimming NZ guidelines for the Covid-19 Protection Framework


Covid-19 Vaccination Policy - National & Regional Events


Click here to view the Swimming NZ Vaccination Policy


Sport NZ Resources


Click here for more information on the Sport NZ guidelines for the sport and recreation sector


Checking My Vaccine Passes

To comply with the Covid-19 Protection Framework, the use of My Vaccine Passes at events will continue until 11.59pm on Monday 4 April. After this time, My Vaccine Passes will no longer be required.


Contingency Plans for 2022 SNZ Events

Swimming NZ has established contingency plans for all of the events it has scheduled to deliver in 2022


Click here to view the contingency plans for 2022 SNZ Events


Health & Safety Resources


Top 5 Tips for Health & Safety


Item Description Template or Resource

Check your club, region or organisation have policies and procedures up to date and documented. Ensure these are reviewed by officers and communicated clearly to everyone in your workplace


Eg: drug and alcohol policies, Police Vetting policies

SNZ Membership Protection Policy 


SNZ Police Vetting Policy


Check that your club, region or organisation are documenting down the hazards and risks that you have noticed in your workplace and then ensure those hazards and risks are either eliminated or minimised and record those controls put in place.


It is important to assess the risk while reviewing your hazards - basing how extensive your controls are off an assessment of the likelihood of an injury occurring from the hazard and how bad the injury could be. Remember that hazards can include the work you do, the tools you use or the environments you work in.


A hazard and risk register should be developed and reviewed on a regular basis, and reviewed again if an incident does occur.

Hazard Risk Rating Table


Risk Register Template


Ensure you are documenting and reporting any work-related incidents, injuries and illnesses that occur, investigating them and putting preventative measures in place where possible as part of the hazard and risk register.

Incident Report Form

Complete an induction for workers (including contractors and volunteers) and document the training completed so they know how to work safely.

Consider regularly discussing health and safety with workers.

Induction Form Template

Write up emergency procedures for all situations you work in.

Please note: all pool venues will have an emergency plan already

Event Management Plan Template


Covid-19 Response Plan


Incident Report Form

Swimming NZ has developed an incident report form that can be completed on-the-go on your phone. Reporting incidents as they occur is an important component of health and safety.


Click here to access the incident report form


Health & Safety Questions

For any questions regarding any of this information, please contact healthsafety@swimming.org.nz 


Last updated: 8 February 2022