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Swimming New Zealand has a strong working relationship with High Performance Sport New Zealand to provide up to date information...

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Athlete Life

Information on support, funding and programme details.

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Sports Biomechanics is the application of physics and mechanics to the human movement during sport activities.

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Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is the study of the acute responses and chronic adaptations to a wide range of physical exercise conditions.

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FINA Sport Medicine Information

Injury surveillance provides not only important epidemiological information, but also direction for injury prevention.

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Sports massage aims to promote athletic ability by reducing training induced fatigue/soreness, promoting exercise recovery, assisting optimal joint range of motion, preventing injury occurrence, and preparation for competition.

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Nutrition plays a vital role in the life of a swimmer due to the demanding nature of swimming training.

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Sports Medical and Physiotherapy

Ensure best practice for injury prevention and management.

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Strength and Conditioning

HPSNZ Strength and Conditioning providers work closely with Swimming New Zealand's High Performance and Carded athletes as required to provide a quality strength and conditioning programme.

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