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Swimming New Zealand Board

The role and responsibility of the Board is to act in the best interests of SNZ and to provide good governance to SNZ including through the following:

a. establishing the whole of sport plan.

b. monitoring and reviewing performance against the whole of sport plan.

c. monitoring and reviewing performance against the annual business plan and budget.

d. addressing the ongoing viability and sustainability of SNZ

e. monitoring regulatory compliance for SNZ.

f. establishing, reviewing, and monitoring policies to guide and govern SNZ.

g. fostering interaction and communication across and within SNZ, Regional Associations and Member Clubs.

h. appointing, monitoring and reviewing the performance of the CEO.

i. adopting and communicating a continual best practice performance culture.

j. preparing annual KPIs and being accountable to Members for achievement of them; and

k. preparing an annual report and procuring an annual audited statement of accounts.


As per the Swimming New Zealand Contitiution the board of Swimming New Zealand consists of six members, with three elected and three appointed. The term for board members is 3 years with one elected and one appointed position requiring reappointment or reelection each year.

Nick Tongue (Chair) Term Expires Sept 2023
Anna Tootill (Deputy Chair) Term Expires Sept 2021
Donna Bridgman Term Expires Sept 2021
Margaret McKee Term Expires Sept 2022
Wayne Rollinson Term Expires Sept 2022
Andrew Kelleher Term Expires Sept 2023


The President receives all Board papers, may attend any Board meeting, and may speak at any Board meeting but has no voting rights.

Board Charter - Swimming NZ - 11 March 2016

Board Member Position Description (9 July 2015)


Anna Tootill - (Deputy Chair) Elected Member

Anna is a keen recreation sportsperson and was been an active member in Surf Lifesaving for a number of years, during that time she was actively involved in competition and the training/coaching of junior guards.

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Donna Bridgman - Appointed Member

Over 23 years’ experience in the fields of professional services, engineering, business continuity and technology. Extensive experience gained through positions in New Zealand, Australia, 7 years in Europe and the United Kingdom. With a global mind-set, I am motivated by the positive implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies, enhanced through my diverse experiences working internationally; collaborating across different cultures, different workforce contract models, multi-generational workforces, global time-zones and multiple languages builds cultural understanding, appreciation and new strategies to deliver effective and resilient business outcomes.

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Margaret McKee - Appointed Member

Margaret has had a diverse professional career across a range of industries. She has had senior business roles in both the private and public sectors and has formal governance training and experience. Margaret has worked closely with both central and local government, been involved with international company agreements/alliances, commercial sponsorships, product development and portfolio funds management.

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Nick Tongue - Chairman (Elected Member)

Nick is extremely passionate about sport. His first love has always been swimming. He swum for Auckland from the age of 9 and represented New Zealand from 1994 until 1998. He competed at all the major events during that time, including the 1996 Olympic Games. He won Auckland University and New Zealand University Blues for swimming during the period 1993 to 1996 and was twice named the University of Auckland Sportsman of the Year. Nick has coached both junior and masters swimmers previously.

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Dr David Gerrard CNZM, OBE - President

Former Commonwealth Games Champion, New Zealand team Chef de Mission and world-renowned sports administrator Dr David Gerrard (CNZM, OBE), was appointed Swimming New Zealand President at the 2018 SNZ AGM.

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