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NCEA Modifications

Step 1

Have your student provisionally classified.  Refer to the Paralympics New Zealand website www.paralympics.org.nz for instructions and forms.   


Step 2 

Record the times and distances of the disabled athlete as you would all other swimmers for the 3 stroke medley and 400m freestyle.  


Step 3  

Use the student’s provisional classification to identify the correct adjusted standards for that student.  
Refer to the following websites: Paralympics New Zealand (www.paralympics.org.nz), Swimming New Zealand (www.swimming.org.nz) or the Halberg Trust (www.halberg.co.nz) or contact your Sport Opportunity Advisor based at your local Regional Sports Trust for a copy of the adjusted standard.   

Step 4  

Use the adjusted standard (below) to assess the disabled swimmer as you would all other athletes to determine if they have achieved: Achievement, Merit or Excellence.   

Step 5  

Follow same steps as for all other students