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Technical Officials

Technical Officials are ordinary people!

Timekeepers, Inspector of Turns (IOT’s) & Starters etc are known as Technical Officials. These roles are filled by ordinary people just like you and me

Swimming competitions rely on Technical Officials to provide the support and technical information to help make the competition fair for all swimmers.


Why become a Technical Official?

Becoming a TO is a very rewarding experience, you get to work with great people, learn new skills, support swimmers & you get the best seat in the house!


Some roles are easy to learn

You don’t need any amazing skills to become a Technical Official. With a little education and experience several roles are easily within the reach of a complete beginner. Others will require considerable experience so if you aspire to become a National Referee then time and commitment will be required.


I just want to help out at club night

Fantastic – you’re in the right place! You may go as little or as far as you like 


I don’t want to disqualify anybody

We understand this feeling. However, swimmers disqualify themselves and it is up to the Technical Officials to observe rule infractions to ensure fairness for all. Only a few, senior, Officials are required to alert the Referee to a rule infraction. The Referee will make the final decision.


How do I become a technical official?

Contact your local Regional Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) member here


Rekindle the excitement of attending a swim meet!

Many people become interested because they tire of sitting in the stands watching their children swim. It’s far more exciting being closer to the action with enhanced enjoyment from a deeper understanding of our sport.


Helpful Infomation

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Official's Reference Cards & Forms

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