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Carding Criteria and Processes


SNZ - HPSNZ Carding Criteria; achieving the standard - How and When?

Swimming New Zealand in collaboration with HPSNZ will review the principles behind the carding framework on an annual basis.

Please see here fore the SNZ Carding Criteria

Prime Minister Athlete Scholarships


All PM Scholarship applications, including those from non-carded swimmers will be considered by SNZ. More information on PMAS is here.

Prime Minister Coaching and Officials Scholarships are not in connection with Athlete Carding. More information on PMCS can be found here


  • Athletes will receive an email from the SNZ HP Team to inform them that they have achieved the carding standards.
  • Athletes will be requested to fill out the necessary HPSNZ nomination and consent forms and return to the SNZ HP Team. The nomination and consent forms will be processed by HPSNZ and then added to the carding list.
  • The proces outlined above must be followed in order to assess needs and request services.
  • Athletes are required to complete and submit an Individual Performance Plan IPP for submission to ZED.
  • Once your IPP is completed and your servies allocated your coaches and service providers (APS) will record, monitor and track performance goals.
  • Your IPP will be reviewed within an agreed timeline during the construction of the plan.

Swimmers must:

  • Be an New Zealand Citizen or be a permanent resident and able to provide evidence that they are able to represent New Zealand on the World Stage.
  • Be a member of SNZ.
  • Comply with the SNZ Code of Conduct and have complied with this for a minimum 12 month period.
  • Comply with all Drug Free Sport and WADA codes of conduct and not be under any suspension.
  • Be in good financial standing with SNZ
  • Commit to the HPSNZ Code of Conduct