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Officials Assessment System

The SNZ Technical Advisory Committee’s (TAC) has implemented a competency based assessment system for:


  • Referees
  • Starters
  • Judge of Strokes
  • Control Room Supervisors

The process includes:


  • Appointment of Assessors by the TAC for each National Competition
  • Notification by SNZ to those being assessed
  • At the beginning of the meet assessors will talk with the officials being assessed to explain the assessment further and answer any questions.
  • The official will be assessed for 2 sessions (more if required) on the criteria shown below.
  • A short informal feedback session will take place between the assessor and the official after the finals session or the following day.


The main aim of the system is to help improve the performance of all officials by educating and providing positive constructive feedback in a transparent manner in relation to the duties required by each position. Assessors also act as mentors where officials can ask questions in friendly informal situations.

At each competition, assessors assess officials against the competencies required for each position as shown in the assessment criteria documents below.

This system made its debut at the 2007 NZ Spring Competition.


Assessment Criteria - Referee


Assessment Criteria - Starter


Assessment Criteria - Judge of Stroke


Assessment Criteria - Control Room Supervisor