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North Shore Swimming - Performance Pathways Coach

Under direction of the Head Coach (HC) and in collaboration with the AHC the PPC assumes
responsibility for the delivery and management of the North Shore Swimming (NSS) Performance
Pathway system. The PPC also assumes responsibility for the delivery and management of the NSS
Communication and Marketing plan. The goal of this role is to strengthen the NSS brand, ultimately,
attracting new membership, sponsors and partners.


● Support coaches across the entire NSS Performance Pathway and undertake lead coaching
roles where required by HC or AHC.
● Under guidance of the AHC and CLT ensure all squads align with NSS long term athlete
development (LTAD) plan.
● Provide leadership and mentoring of NSS coaches through regular observations and/or
combined sessions so that coaches are empowered to lead squads with a particular focus on
developing junior coaches.
● Provides a safe environment for athletes to achieve success and enjoyment of the sport.
● Provide leadership during all championship meets and coach allocation of other designated
swim competitions.
● In close relationship with CLT the PPC will monitor the NSS performance pathway, and coaches
to ensure accurate quarterly athlete profiling, effective pathway transitions, and squad
capacity maximisation.

● Weekly Coaching Leadership Team (CLT) meetings.
● Collaborative season planning aligned to the NSS LTAD Model with competitions, dryland,
drills, skills, camps, social events, guest speakers, club nights, stroke clinics, and team
● Maintain a personal coaching portfolio including individual swimmer evaluation, professional
development documentation, attendance roll, logbook and stroke drills.
● In conjunction with the CLT, advertise, hire and train new coaches (internally and externally).
● Conduct tracking reviews of our Performance Pathways against the NSS LTAD Plan, professional
development plans, and leave/cover records.
● Deal with and close any requests, issues, problems, complaints in conjunction with the HC and
ensure clear record keeping of events.
● Complete all reporting requirements as outlined by the Head Coach or AHC on time.
● Manage and enhance the business of NSS, including but not limited to, sponsorship, corporate
partnerships and new ventures.
● Collaborate with the AHC to develop annual NSS Communication Schedule
● Coordinate the design of promotional material with Canva and distribute via Sendible and NSS
● Ensure all communication is aligned to NSS brand and design guidelines
● Grow brand awareness and public exposure with regular posts that engage key stakeholders
including AUTM, ASA, SNZ and Swimswam
● Monitor and review social media audience and reach
● Increase community engagement with such things as athlete/coach interviews, social media
competitions etc
● Produce marketing material for website

Personal Attributes
● Leads and inspires all coaches, athletes, parents and greater community to conform to NSS
culture and values.
● Professional and friendly in dealing with athletes as well as other stakeholders including
coaches, parents, officials, volunteers, facilities and sponsors.
● Be a positive solution focussed supportive team member.
● Exhibits a passion for their role and club. Encourages a sense of enjoyment in the workplace.
● Understand the philosophy of NSS and actively support the direction of NSS.
● Excellent communication skills.
● Look for and take up opportunities for continual personal and professional development.
● Is innovative in approach and is able to maintain knowledge of the latest research and
developments in swimming and swim coaching.
● Has high personal and professional ethical standards.
● Takes ownership for successes and failures.
● Shares relevant information across the NSS team.
● Presents ideas & concepts logically and clearly.


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To apply or ask more questions about the role, please contact Andy at andy@nss.org.nz