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Officiating Para swimmers

Globally swimming is governed by World Para Swimming, which incorporates the regulations of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and has rules specific to Para swimmers added in. The FINA rules are followed with a few modifications, such as optional platform or in-water starts for some races and the use of signals or ‘tappers’ for swimmers with blindness/visual impairment; however, no prostheses or assistive devices are permitted.

Below is a list of the current codes of exceptions for officiating Para swimmers who have a national classification or above. Para swimmers who hold a provisional classification won't have any codes of exceptions granted to them but officials are asked use discretion along with empathy and common sense when officiating these newer Para swimmers.

For regions and officials, here is an updated version of Para swimmer's classifications to replace the need for swimmers to present classification cards to TD's pre-event.

In 2018, Swimming New Zealand asked for expressions of interest from officials who would like to learn more about Para swimming. If you missed the invitation or would now like to learn more, contact Cameron on cameron@swimming.org.nz

  H     Hearing Impaired Light or Signal Required
  A     Assistance Required
  E     Unable to Grip for Backstokre Start
  Y     Starting Device
  T     Tappers
  B     Blackened Goggles
During Swimming    
  1     One Hand Start
  2     BREASTSTROKE - One Hand Touch
  3     BREASTSTROKE - Simultaneous Intent to Touch
  4     BUTTERFLY - One Hand Touch
  5     BUTTERFLY - Simultaneous Intent to Touch
  7     Part of Upper Body Must Touch
  8     Right Foot Must Turn Out
  9     Left Foot Must Turn Out
  12     Leg Drag or Show Intent to Kick
  +     Butterfly Kick is Able to Be Performed (Illegal Breaststroke)