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Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a document that is used to communicate to the members the clubs goals, how the club will achieve the goals and what measures will be used to assess whether the goals have been achieved.


Strategic Plan Template


Club Constitution Template

A club constitution is necessary for a club to exist. Please find a club constitution template below that was updated in November 2021.


Club Constitution Template



An agenda is always necessary to have at club committee meetings as it outlines to the club executive what is going to be discussed at the meeting. Before the meeting is proposed to happen correspondence should be sent out to all committee members asking as to what they would like to discuss at the meeting. An agenda should then be drawn up from these responses.


The agenda outlines several different areas of club business that should be discussed at committee meetings such as, apologies, confirmation of minutes of the previous meeting, correspondence received by the club, reports of club activities from the appropriate club officers, general business, and confirmation of the date of the next committee meeting. An agenda is a good way to keep club meetings structured and keep the discussions heading in a productive direction for all involved.


The agenda is generally prepared by the Secretary of the club.


Agenda Template



Taking minutes at committee meetings is also very necessary as it means the club has a record of what happened and what was discussed on each of the topics in the agenda. The minutes follow the fomat of the agenda and also include who moved and who seconded each piece of business that was discussed. Recording of the minutes is generally undertaken by the Secretary of the club.


Minutes Template