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Active Movement in Water during Pregnancy

Active Movement in Water, uses water as a medium or environment in which to explore the fundamental principles and philosophies of Active Movement (a SPARC initiative launched in 2004).

Active Movement in Water is an initiative with support and resources to encourage pregnant women, and parents of young children to be active, and encourage their young children to be physically active.

Research indicates that there is a window of opportunity to learn fundamental movement skills under 5 years of age which in turn enhance the likelihood of life long activity and the associated health benefits. Children are more likely to be active if their parents are. In addition the potential for enhanced brain development and learning as a result of positive physical activity in early childhood is integral to the Active Movement philosophy.

This initiative is supporting pregnant women to maintain and/or become active during their pregnancy. The health benefits for Mum pay off in reduced labour times and accelerated recovery and weight loss after the birth of baby. The benefits for baby are a healthy and happy Mum who continues to be active with baby after birth so baby can gain all the developmental benefits of Active Movement.

An information booklet for pregnant women with great activites that can be done in the pool can be downloaded by clicking here.