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Sports Biomechanics is the application of physics and mechanics to the human movement during sport activities. In swimming, it plays an important role in order to reduce the drag and increase the propulsion to swim faster in the water. For coaches, it is essential to have a basic understanding of biomechanics to improve the technique of their swimmers to make them more efficient and economic through the water.

Jodi Cossor commenced working for High Performance Sport New Zealand in May 2013 to provide biomechanical support to Swimming New Zealand and Paralympic Swimming. After completing her Masters at UWA, Jodi worked in the Biomechanics department at the Australian Institute of Sport for 5 years under the direction of Dr. Bruce Mason. In 2002 Jodi moved to the UK to work for British Swimming as their lead Biomechanist and supported the national team at both senior and junior levels in the daily training environment as well as at camps and competitions. Jodi has provided race analysis support to both the Australian and British teams at the European Championships (both long and short course), Commonwealth Games (senior and youth), Pan Pacific Championships, World Championships (long and short course) and Olympic Games. She is currently working towards her PhD through Loughborough University with a thesis title of The Effects of Technology on Swimming Start and Turn Performance which is due for completion by 2014.

The links below are useful references and some beneficial Biomechanics websites: