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Member Protection Policy Manual

Swimming is a sport that values teamwork, cooperation, diversity, inclusion and leadership and one that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) is committed to ensuring that a diverse range of participants continues to enjoy our sport for years to come and to providing a safe environment in which to do so.

SNZ has developed the Membership Protection Policy Manual (MPPM) to reinforce its commitment to providing an environment for participants of all ages and backgrounds that is safe, free from harassment and abuse, and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values.

This Policy includes a Code of Conduct that forms the basis of appropriate, ethical and acceptable conduct which everyone must abide by. It also includes a number of Position Statements that clearly set out SNZ’s expectations in relation to behaviour and conduct, including the protection of our members under the age of 18, and a series of policies that guide members through the complaints, disputes, disciplinary and appeals processes.


Member Protection Policy Manual (as of February 25 February 2021)

Police Vetting Policy and Process (as of February 25 February 2021)